THE Alex sessions

John Foreman OAM | Music Mystro | The Art Hunter | Ep 24 | NOW LIVE

In this episode of The Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to musical director, event director, pianist and composer John Foreman OAM about his rise in the music world and television.

The Art Hunter Presents: Twilight Salon | A Midsumma 2022 Event | 2 Shows ONLY

Hosted by David Hunt in front of a live studio audience Veteran JOY 94.9 presenter David Hunt is passionate about the arts and supporting artists. David hosts a two hour weekly arts show on JOY, Sunday Arts Magazine, and in recent times has launched a weekly...

Chris Orr | The Jewell of Art | The Art Hunter | Ep 23

In this show, David talks to graphic artist Chris Orr and how he developed his own unique art styles. Chris Orr is of European and Narungga descent. He studied art and design at Prahran Institute and graphic design at Swinburne University in the 1980s. In the 1990s, after rocking around in nightclubs, he started a graphic design practice, Beige, strongly anchored in street art.

Warren Wills | International Mover & Shaker | The Art Hunter | Ep 22 | NOW LIVE

In this episode of The Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to director, composer and musical director Warren Wills talks about his international career in theatre and where his music has taken him. 

The Art Hunter TV is now Showing on Channel 31

The Art Hunter is now a weekly half hour edited show on Channel 31 ( Chn 44 to view, and to stream) Monday’s @ 5.30pm.

Ana Kokkinos | The Art of Film Making | The Art Hunter | Episode 21| NOW LIVE

In this, The Art Hunter TV episode, David Hunt talks to acclaimed writer/director Ana Kokkinos whose career spans film and TV. She that she began as an industrial lawyer in a big law firm and then threw it all in to become a filmmaker gaining world recognition. 

Ruth Picker | Success After a Thirty-Year Break | The Art Hunter | Ep 20 | NOW LIVE

In this episode of The Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to creator and songwriter Ruth Picker about her success with music after leaving it for thirty years.  

Wilbur Wilde | Not Just a Famous Saxophonist | The Art Hunter | Episode 19 | NOW LIVE

In this episode of The Art Hunter, Wilbur Wilde tells David Hunt about his early musical career and of the many bands and stars he played with and of course his time with Hey Hey It’s Saturday. 

The Art Hunter | Ep 18 | William Griffith | The Jewell of Art | NOW LIVE

In this episode of The Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to William Griffith who is a world renowned jeweller whose unique work mirrors some of the world’s historical landmarks.

The Art Hunter | Ep 17 | John Von Ahlen | A Musical Artist With a Difference | NOW LIVE

In this show, David talks to John Von Ahlen who is a very talented musician who produced the Art Hunter’s title track. John von Ahlen is the founder member of Parralox, an Australian electronic music band based in Melbourne. Parralox was formed in 2008 and within that same year released their debut album “Electricity”, which took the internet and pop blogosphere by storm.

THE Alex sessions

by | Jun 15, 2021

THE Alex sessions

by | Jun 15, 2021

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