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In this episode of the Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to extraordinary artist Anthony Breslin who is a master of combining performance and art.

Anthony Breslin has been an original force within the Australian art scene ever since the late 90s. Up until his illness, he created more than 50 solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally, these include shows in Hong Kong, Zurich, Prague, Barcelona, Shanghai, Bern, London, and Dublin.

Anthony’s career spans over 30 years in a myriad of creative and artistic pursuits including painting, performance, poetry, design, and production. Now after battling blood cancer and surviving a bone marrow transplant, Anthony has refocused on his roots of visual art, drawing, and painting.

In 2016 Anthony sold his iconic gallery – The Breslin Gallery; an arts hub, community space, and cafe in Carnegie. The gallery and that chapter in the colourful kaleidoscope of his life and career were farewelled with his first Melbourne-based exhibition in 6 years ‘Exit the Blood Machine’.

His collection from that time contained 23 artworks that portrayed his journey through blood cancer, transplant, and beyond, many of the works included images of bones, cells, and death, and many of which were created during treatment, from his hospital room in The Alfred.

Anthony has produced and delivered many large-scale community and charity projects, he is passionate about working with various communities, marginalized groups, and schools to build awareness and focus on the importance of community, belonging, and rites of passage.


In The Art Hunter, David Hunt explores the artist with an in-depth look into their background; where they came from, the type and work they do, their latest work, and where they see the future.

Host: David Hunt
Producers: David Hunt and Simon Barnett (
Director: Tim Barnett 
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David Hunt

David Hunt is The Art Hunter and is dedicated to interviews with artists of various disciplines - from visual arts to theatre; from writers to actors; from gallery curators to dancers. His aim is to showcase all aspects of the arts, with up close and personal in-depth conversations. David Hunt’s love for the arts and his friendship with so many artists as a presenter/producer of a weekly arts program on JOY 94.9 - Sunday Arts Magazine, which has been running for over six years. David is always on the “Hunt” for new & emerging artists. He is very grateful that he has been given this opportunity to support the arts. David’s background over the past 30 years, was with international & local record companies, in senior management roles - publicity, promotions, marketing. With EMI, Virgin, BMG & MDS (an offshoot of Mushroom), plus his own PR/Marketing company. Looking after some of the biggest international & local names in the industry.

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