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In this episode of The Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to entrepreneur Melissa MacFarlane who has contributed to the arts with the MacFarlane Fund.
Melissa’s first love is art, she studied art history at Latrobe, then went into the workforce via marketing, ended up managing bands and then studied interior design, followed by fine art. She met her husband and opened a cocktail bar, then 3 gastro pubs, then a vintage furniture and design store in Kyneton.  More recently she opened a vintage store in  Portland Oregon. In a twisted covid outcome, she has harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit and opened a licensed department store that houses all of her interests; vintage furniture, interior design, exotic liquor, cocktails and #daydrinking.
In The Art Hunter, David Hunt explores the artist with an in-depth look into their background; where they came from, the type and work they do, their latest work and where they see the future.

Host: David Hunt
Producers: David Hunt and Simon Barnett (
Director: Tim Barnett
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Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes is also a presenter on JOY 94.9, a website designer and also a lover of the arts. He is the designer of The Art Hunter website and helps David maintain the site and The Art Hunter YouTube Channel.

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