In this episode of The Art Hunter TV,  David Hunt talks to contemporary artist Mysterious Al who developed one of his styles from ancient tribal masks. 

Mysterious Al is a contemporary artist renowned for putting on art exhibitions in unusual locations; including derelict warehouses, old factories, disused shop-fronts and more recently; a fairground ghost train.   Al rose to fame in the early 2000s through the explosion of street art, developing a notoriety for his wall paintings, paste-ups and street installations alongside his contemporaries D*face, Banksy and PMH.  

Al’s work has changed dramatically from his early beginnings. His painted ‘portraits’ are influenced by ancient tribal masks, reimagined in wild contemporary colours. His work is striking and at first glance humorous; but look closer and you’ll see something more vulnerable or melancholy. There’s always something behind a smile.   “Although there’s a lot of spontaneity and energy in my work, I draw reference from a rich history of method and colour. I like the practice of taking shapes and marks that are created spontaneously and wrangling them into line. Making order out of chaos”.


The Art Hunter TV David Hunt explores the artist with an in-depth look into their background; where they came from, the type and work they do, their latest work and where they see the future.


Host: David Hunt 
Producers: David Hunt and Simon Barnett ( 
Director: Tim Barnett 

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