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In this episode of The Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to Arthur (Ted) Powell about his advertising days and his current art.

Arthur Edward (Ted) Powell is a British-born advertising art director, landscape/cityscape artist, and printmaker living in Melbourne Australia. In 1999, he conceived and directed Ford Global Anthem, the Ford Motor Company’s first global television advertising campaign. At the beginning of the 21st century, the commercial was believed to be the world’s biggest advertisement.

Powell studied Fine Art and Advertising Design at Ealing Art College in West London from 1963 to 1968. He was a student in Roy Ascott’s experimental ‘Groundcourse’, a method as influential as it was unorthodox in its approach to teaching art. The radical curricula and behaviourist experiments at Ealing between 1961 and 1964 made it one of the most controversial art courses in the history of British art education.

While Powell was a student at Ealing, he worked part-time as a cel painter on the 90-minute Beatles’ animated movie Yellow Submarine (1968), designed by Heinz Edelmann and directed by George Dunning. He was one of a team of mostly young, unsung artists [who] toiled away in rinky-dink offices in Soho Square, London, for nearly a year working long …. shifts in the ink and paint department. He mostly painted cells for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Nowhere Man sequences.
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In The Art Hunter, David Hunt explores the artist with an in-depth look into their background; where they came from, the type and work they do, their latest work, and where they see the future.


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