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In this episode of The Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to the artist Paul Meehan about his style of fine lines and his venture into art.
Paul Meehan’s many study tours to Italy brought about a realisation of the need to adopt a more disciplined approach to his craft as an artist.

His visits to Italy allowed a concentrated study of art, architecture, and sculpture to incorporate the Etruscan, Medieval, and Renaissance periods as well as acknowledging the importance of contemporary art. Paul embarked on a journey that would see him create on location a rich collection of sketches and photographic images.

His painting of Moore’s Mother and Child led to a return to the Italian aesthetic and piqued an interest in Icon painting. This, in turn, led to the drawings and ideas of Bernini, Giacometti (especially the life-size figures in open landscapes), and Marino Marini.
During subsequent trips to India, China, Japan, and Indonesia, Paul has also explored the painting and sculpture of these regions, especially works in stone, timber, and bronze within a religious and historical context.

Paul Meehan’s ongoing studies today include pen and ink drawings influenced by the sketches of Lucian Freud, Joan Miro, and Alberto Giacometti. He completed a study tour to Sicily in 2011 with a sketchbook of over 100 pen and ink drawings on paper, and this culminated in a successful exhibition at the Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery (Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne) in 2012. 


In The Art Hunter, David Hunt explores the artist with an in-depth look into their background; where they came from, the type and work they do, their latest work, and where they see the future.

Host: David Hunt

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Director: Tim Barnett 

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David Hunt is The Art Hunter and is dedicated to interviews with artists of various disciplines - from visual arts to theatre; from writers to actors; from gallery curators to dancers. His aim is to showcase all aspects of the arts, with up close and personal in-depth conversations. David Hunt’s love for the arts and his friendship with so many artists as a presenter/producer of a weekly arts program on JOY 94.9 - Sunday Arts Magazine, which has been running for over six years. David is always on the “Hunt” for new & emerging artists. He is very grateful that he has been given this opportunity to support the arts. David’s background over the past 30 years, was with international & local record companies, in senior management roles - publicity, promotions, marketing. With EMI, Virgin, BMG & MDS (an offshoot of Mushroom), plus his own PR/Marketing company. Looking after some of the biggest international & local names in the industry.

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