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In this episode of The Art Hunter, David Hunt talks to performer, songwriter and producer Lupa J an extraordinary artist achieving much by the age of 22.
At the age of 22, producer and songwriter Imogen Jones, best known as Lupa J, has eclipsed the dreams of many musical creatives twice her age. Debuting three tracks on Soundcloud at the tender age of 15, she has been championed by local radio station Triple J and supported international acts like Grimes, Alice Glass, and Tegan and Sara on their tours. With three EPs under her belt, Lupa J released her debut LP Swallow Me Whole just last year, and she’s already close to completing her next project. At the end of April, she shared the darkly intoxicating video for her latest single, “Limbo.”
Much of Lupa J’s work centres around its creator’s ever-evolving relationship with gender and sexuality, while its urgent synths and turbulent beats add drama to the dance floor-worthy anthems. The artist’s relentless creative cycle is fueled by a deep desire to understand and embrace her identity, her internal inquiry representing a surging generational shift toward a more open, post-gender future.
Apart from her solo career, Lupa J spent the last six years starring in The Weather Diaries, a Sydney Film Festival documentary about the effects of climate change helmed by her mother, Kathy Drayton. Released this year, the documentary can be streamed via the SFF website.

In The Art Hunter, David Hunt explores the artist with an in-depth look into their background; where they came from, the type and work they do, their latest work and where they see the future.

Host: David Hunt
Producers: David Hunt and Simon Barnett (
Director: Tim Barnett 
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